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Hole in one is happy to provide a map showing the location of all the underground facilities on your property (standard rates apply) We go to a great effort to provide measurements, Gps points, and photos, so that years later you will have an excellent

This would include any non-conductive material without a locate wire. Examples include a pvc water line, concrete storm line, a fiber line without metal sheathing, empty conduit, etc..  How we locate these lines vary.  We may use a sonde, a fish tape, an acoustic device, or even the AML

This could include plastic utilities buried without a locate wire, concrete storm-sewer lines, empty conduit, or a buried fiber optic line with no sheathing. How we locate these types of utilities varies greatly.  We have all sorts of equipment from flushable sondes, metal fish tapes, flexible fiberglass rods, varioius acoustic methods, and the latest in locate technology the AML. 

The standard way of utility locating is to apply a current and follow a frequency. Therefore, all conductive utilities (example: power and communications) are easily locatable. Current construction practices call for a locate wire to be buried with all plastic utilities (example: plastic water pipe, sanitary laterals, and drain lines.)This practice has made most all utilities, installed within the past 15 years or so, locatable with standard equipment.  

In order to perform this type of utility locate, Hole In One uses a Rigid Seektech SR-60 receiver along with a ST 510 10 watt transmitter.

The owner Rocky Stewart serves on the local LUCC board (Lane Utility Coordinating Council), has performed hundreds of damages investigations, helped utility owners and contractors recover thousands of dollars in costly damages and repair. He is extremely well versed in standard practices as it relates to utility locating, and absolutely loves to chat.He also strongly believes that you donít charge for a question or to help someone out who is already not having a good experience. Phone calls are always free. If things develop into site visits, writing up docs, testifying in court, etc. this will be billed charged at an hourly rate.

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