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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, the law requires that before any operation in which earth, rock or other material is moved or displaced by any means to call 811. Call 811, and then we will locate whats left over.
  • They identify what kind of utility has been marked. There is a national standard for the colors, observed by all locators, as follows.

    RED Electric Power Lines, Cables, Conduit, and Lighting Cables

    YELLOW Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum, or Gaseous Material

    ORANGE Communication, Alarm or Signal Lines, Cables, or Conduit

    BLUE Potable Water

    GREEN Sewers and Drain Lines

    WHITE Proposed Excavation Limits or Route

    PINK Temporary Survey Markings, Unknown / Unidentified Facilities

  • This is what separates us from others. We can locate just about anything. With Standard equipment, any private locate company can mark conductive materials. Example: Power, Phone, Metal water pipe, etc..  Hole In one is trained in a variety of methods, and has a variety of equipment giving us the ability to locate conductive and non-conductive utilities. 

  • Before the meter is public, and after the meter is private.  811 will mark up to your power meter (wherever that is located), you phone box, water meter (usually on the street), etc..  They do not mark lines leaving your power meter, phone box, or the water line going into your residence.  Call 811, the  call us

  • 811 will not mark from your water meter to your house.  811 will not mark from the power meter to other buildings (shop or guest residence for example).  811 will not mark a well line. 811 will not mark your sanitary lateral beyond the recorded easement. 811 will not mark your irrigation line. 811 will not mark your propane line or private gas line. 811 will not mark your drain lines.  811 will only mark publicly owned utilities (before the meter)

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